Thursday, November 19, 2009

My creative space

My creative space is not for sensitive people this week...
Please skip my blog if you're one of them.
I just want to share my frustration with you and perhaps one of you has a clever solution to my problem. Well, the thing is that my secret collaboration partner had this fun idea to use a Barbie hand for one of the pieces. She asked if I could make it in porcelain clay.
I said: 'jip, no prob' but hey, did I know Barbie is so stubborn?
Here's the gang...First I thought to use a silicone paste 'cause it gives the finest detail on the mould. But it doesn't work as it's a closed mould, it doesn't dry really well.
Then I decided to make a double mould. Look at that grin on her face... yuk!
Mould the other side...
But it does not com out right. See here all my failures...
But I didn't want to give up. I was tired of seeing that grin on her face so I just pulled her head off.
This time I tried to make a partly plaster and partly silicone mould.
It looks good, so today I'll try if I can make a decent porcelain hand from it.
Many thanks to my secret partner for this lovely idea! I'm having heaps of fun as you can see! :)

Oops, two secret project posts in one week? Might skip one next week then as not to overload you... :)

To know the idea behind the secret project, go read the first blogpost here or click on the label 'the secret project' to see all the posts about it.
Can't wait to receive your guesses but think about it carefully 'cause you can only guess once! :)
You can send your guess to and can not change your guess so think about it carefully...

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