Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The secret project... the big reveal!

From the moment we started this project and decided to keep this secret, we knew we had a hard job doing that. But we loved teasing you with work in progress and keep you curious. Since we are both equally excited about making and creating things it has been a joy to work together. From the start, lots of people guessed that I was collaborating with StarOfTheEast. Nope! Other guesses were: Sigmosaics, Kreativlink, Elsita, Karlita, Psarokokalo and Seaurchin. But none of them either...

The person I collaborate with has her very own style. She's incredibly talented and fun to work with. Her creativity seems to have no boundaries.
She's an immigrant in Europe as she originates from down under and she faces the challenge of living in Greece. Besides all that, she's also the European Streetteam's threadmaker on Etsy and provides a fresh chat thread every week.
Jip, it's the one and only Anna from lilarubyking or annarubyking.

The person who guessed it right for the first time is nobody less than the talented bagmaker from Switzerland: IraGrant.
She'll be treated with this gorgeous first creation:
Loop necklace - porcelain
And the runner up prize goes to EmmaLamb who will be send a pack of postcards from Anna & me with the inclusion of some Happy girls.
Congrats to both of you & we hope you will enjoy your goodies! :)

Now that we won't tease you any longer, it's time to show some finished work. The first of our new pieces will be listed in Anna's shop 'lilarubyking' on January 4th with more soon to follow so mark that date to check out her shop & grab one of our creations.
Plant matter studs
Pebbles & leaf brooch
Anna is producing more finished products from the things I send her recently.
And I'm producing other things that we decided on and then sent it to Anna to keep her busy again. It has been such fun to create together and of course we hope that our creations will be loved so that we can make many more together!