Friday, December 4, 2009

Secret Santa wants to know...

... if there is anything else that the Elves need to know...
I'd love to have a gathering for all of us in some place around Europe.
Like a stand in a colourful market in the city centre
of one of our amazing European cities.

Apparently I'm losing my mind with age so if he could arrange
for a replacement, that would be helpful. :)
I prefer small things over big things
I like Crocs
I'm 162,5m tall
I'm an Aquarius! Some day we will rule the world! :P
I'm a very difficult person to make a present for.
Lots of people claimed to have been a good girl this year...Oh yes! Please tell Santa I've always dreamt about braiding beads
into his wonderfully soft beard hair!
If he could please make that dream come true this year??

OOPS, looks like Santa doesn't want it this year... sorry!

Secret Santa is a game played by the European Streetteam on Etsy. The idea behind the Secret Santa is that you make something for a teammember and also receive a gift yourself.
Since I try to organise the game for our team, I get a lovely reward: reading all the questionnaires and knowing all the teammember's secrets! :)
What I also know is that lots of people of the team would like to read them all too... That's why I share part of the answers on the questions in my blog. And even though it's anonymous, it's still fun to read what other people wrote... Hope you enjoyed to have a peek in our team.

However, this was the last entry to this year's Secret Santa swap. All the gifts have to be sent out before the 10th of December. You can take a look at all the received gifts in our Secret Swap group on Flickr. Amazing things have been made so be sure to take a peek! :)

And there is more, this head Santa is retiring...
Now I know all the secrets, I think I completed my mission! Besides, after organising 3 swaps, I think it's time for a change. And guess what... a new secret swap person was on my doorstep. Best Secret Santa present ever as it's just an amazing woman with lots of enthusiam, a warm heart & lots of love for the European Streetteam.
She 's a very active woman as she's part of the EST Handmade blog-team, doing the then & now series on Scoutiegirl, has her own blog & runs a succesful Etsy shop.
I'm certain that you'll love to share your secrets with her - I know I will! She will be without a doubt an amazing secret swap chief! :)
The next secret swap will be organised by... drumroll...

Judit aka Vadjutka
You're already looking like a wonderful Spring Fairy!
Good luck to you!