Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I while ago, Estella from StarOfTheEast send me a set of awesome skeleton keys.
I found them mighty cool but did not really have a plan for them yet. I just knew I needed them.When pondering about Valentine ideas, I realised that the tiniest key needed to be used so I moulded it.And when you say Valentine, you say 'heart'...And this is the result of the project. (click on the picture to see it in my Etsy shop)I also scored some lace and made these romantic lace lights. They have a beautiful translucent look when you put a little light in them.And I added a section 'heartART' to my Etsy shop. I thought it sounded funny and it will most probably disappear after Valentine. :) I'll be adding some more new products to this particular section dedicated to Valentine.