Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love transforms...

Last monday, Poppytalks new handmade market started. I filled a table there and until February 12th, you can find my work on Poppytalk's Handmade Wedding & Valentine's Market. Check it out here!
Here are some of my favorite shops that you can find on 'Love transforms' :)1. Cori Kindred, 2. CorrieBerryPie, 3. Erinzam, 4. LaPomme, 5. OliveManna, 6. RaeDunn

And now, let's talk Poppies! :)
Jip, I'm in the voter for The Poppy award so if you would be so kind to go and vote for me, you would make me superhappy! :)
So if you like my work, click THIS link, choose my name & click vote.
Nothing is easier really! Thanks for being so great! :)

And I'm also preparing some nice tuto's for Poppytalk's blog so stay tuned for those...
I'll definately drop a link to them here so you won't have to miss out! :)