Sunday, January 17, 2010

Work in progress

Every now and then I love to share some work in progress.
These birds came out of the kiln earlier this week. They are not ready to assemble yet as they need to be sanded first. A job that I really dread as you all know...
After they are sanded, they have to get some legs. I cut the legs in different sizes so you get small and large birdies.First I glue the legs in the bottom of the birdie.
I let 'em dry before I glue them to the bottom part.
Then I take my time to find a nice bottom for each bird and there we have a large flock.
I'll photograph them tommorrow and will list them in my shop as individuals, pairs or little flocks. A larger flock is excited to fly off to a shop in Melbourne! I would be excited too, I love Melbourne! Lucky birds! :)