Thursday, February 4, 2010

My creative space

The table in my studio is free from dust and since that doesn't happen too often, I take advantage of that by cutting paper for my cards.
As I have a few fairs scheduled, I better be prepared and make some Dutch cards. On my last fairs, I only took the English cards and lots of people loved 'em but why send an English card when you speak Dutch? So, I translated them and will be taking them to my next fair which is on Sunday, 7th of March in the Cultural Center in Hasselt.
It's International Woman's day and our province organises 'Evanement' and there are a lot of activities happening: workshops, fair with mainly female sellers, children's animation, music,... So if you like these kind of activities, mark this in your calender if you live in the neighborhood! :)

Want to show you creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo's to play! It's fun! :)