Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ripple dreams... part 4

No, ripples!
And still lazy about sewing in the ends...
But it looks good already I think.
After last weeks progress on the blanket, I measured the rows and counted the colors of yarn I had bought for my ripple blanket. Well, what I suspected was right: not enough yarn for a decent sized blanket.
So I hopped over to Texere yarns to purchase some more colors. Hard choice because I already have so many. I'm using the King Cole Merino blend for my ripple. It doesn't feel as soft as Debbie Bliss cashmerino or Cashsoft from Rowan Yarns but for 100% merino wool, it feels soft enough. It doesn't tickle as some wool does, and it comes in a nice variety of colors although I'm sad there is no real lime amongst their choices. It will be warm to snuggle under... can't wait!Anyway, I really want to wait for the colors to arrive before making a big progress on my blanket. The way I choose my colors is by putting the balls of yarn next to each other and see how it looks. I do that in ripples of 7, one for each day of the week. :)
I didn't make it this week because of the reason mentioned above. I will wait for the yarn first because I feel I lack some colors now, especially yellow. But I managed to ripple 4 rows.
Everytime I start a row and do a few stitches, I see how it looks and I usually exclaim to myself: 'Oh, that color is just perfect here'! LOL
Do you talk to & encourage yourself when you are working too?