Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show and tell

At last I have what has been on my wishlist for the past few years: a sewing machine! I still remember one of my former co-workers saying to me 'my daughters will not leave the house without knowing how to use a sewing machine' and at that time, I thought it was funny and sometimes I wonder if her daughters know how to sew now. But she was right 'cause everytime I have something that needs to be stitched, I go by my mom and she fixes it all. About time I start doing it myself I thought. The lady in the shop already gave me my very first lesson and I'll go back for a second one next week. I suppose I know the basics on how to use this Brother Innovis 10 for now.
I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get the 'Sweetie Petite' out that Lisa from the Red Thread send me ages ago. Looks like an easy and fun project for a beginner. :) Lisa's instructions are super clear so I knew it could not go wrong.
First of all my apologies for the bad quality of the pictures and for my dirty fingernails! I made this at dusk after working in the garden. :)
Cut out the sweetie on the dotted line.Cut out the back on the dotted line too.Align the raw edges of the ribbon at the centre top of the Sweetie Petite.
Lay the front piece right side down on top of the back piece.
Pin it together.Sew less then 0,5cm seam all around, except for the feet.
Make small V-shapes cuts around the curves.
Turn it inside out.
After stuffing it with polyfil, sew the opening shut by hand.
Here are my sweetie petites! :)

Ginger is beautiful, isn't she? You can get her and the other gorgeous Sweetie Petites here.
Guess what I'll be doing today? Happy sunday! :)