Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling religious?

Yesterday I went to the fashionmuseum to drop off our collaborative work for the upcoming exhibition. While showing and explaining a bit, the person in charge asked me if I had any religious mini-art-feelings that would fit the theme for the exhibition: Devout/Divine - Fashion vs. Religion
It will be a compilation of creations of national and international designers. The expo examines how religion is integrated in their work. It will not show a traditional overview of historical religious garments and textile, but focuses on the relationship between contemporary fashion and religion. Original interpretations of burqa's, a praying carpet transformed into a handbag, rosaries and habits remodelled as catwalk ensembles and Haute Couture nuns are just a few examples.

Oh man, when I get challenged, I can't ignore so I told her I would try to finish something before the opening this Friday. I postponed some paperwork and I got to work fast as I had to come up with a few religous feelings and they needed to be made and fired right away. This is what is cooking in the kiln right now... a special series made for the Fashionmuseum.

Feeling Catholic
Feeling Boeddhist
Feeling Jewish
Feeling muslim?
Feeling Hindu?
Now I pray they won't explode in the kiln... ;)

These are my interpretations of these religions. I hope you are not offended by any of these. It's my way of 'picturing' some obvious icons about the religion and is in no way meant to hurt anyones feelings. Thank you.