Friday, June 11, 2010

Prepping a party - part 1

On June 18th, Etsy is having it's 5th birthday and to celebrate that, they plan world wide craft party's. I'm throwing one in my studio that day. Unfortunately my studio only has room for 8 people so it's going to be a small but fun party. It is a potluck style party so everyone is bringing something and most importantly themselves. We'll be claying, eating and chatting from 10AM till 5PM but not neccesarily in that order. I provide clay and other materials for the day. I'll be posting a few pics of the preparations over the next few days but won't tell yet what we'll be doing until the 18th of June...
Wanna see more? Take a peek next monday! :)

There are also 3 winners of the pimp pack!
Congrats Florigamigirl, Feyzadem and Gabi. Gabi, please let me know your address so I can send it. I could not find your e-mailaddress. Thanks! :)