Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flickr Favorites

The first week of the month we play by theme if you like. So take your favorite destination and built your mosaic around it.

My very favorite destination ever was my trip to Nepal. One of my friends was trekking in India for a year and asked me if I would come and visit her while she was there. I love Asia but I told her I would prefer seeing Nepal instead of India as I was afraid my sensitive self could not cope with the crowded mass and poverty of India. She said that Nepal was perfect. So, off I went for about 7 weeks of trekking through Nepal.
I only knew her from working together at the youthclub and was a bit afraid our personalities would clash when being together for that long. After all, when she said 'black', I would say 'white' and there never seemed to be any grey between us...
So as soon as I arrived there, I told her about my fear and she laughed her head off.
I did too and we didn't stop laughing for about 7 weeks.

I loved Nepal, I loved trekking around the Anapurna area, I loved celebrating Nepalese New Year in Bhaktapur, I loved how the clouds seemed like stickers in the sky, I loved being a temporary regular at a restaurant in Kathmandu, I loved getting to know my friend better and now I love looking back at the journey.
It makes me smile.

A few years later I went trekking in the East of Turkey with the same friend and it was as if nothing had changed. She definately is the best travel companion ever! She now lives around the corner and takes care of our chicken.
We still laugh our heads off when we see each other.

Last weeks favorite mosaic is reflecting how I quite often feel...

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