Friday, August 13, 2010

Guest post: In need of time

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By Sandra from zsazsazsu

I would like to share a song written by a wunderful Belgian singer Axelle Red.
I freeform rewrote the lyrics in English.
Originally, the song is about having a busy life and
not having enough spare time for a relationship.
In my version, I dedicate this song to
not having enough spare time for our passion/hobby.

24 hours in a day
246400 seconds and still no time
forget the hugs in the morning, the world is calling
Even at work no time to dream away with new ideas

At last we can go home, but still no time to start creating
first a dinner for the family,
In front of the television we try to dream away of
new creations, but no, we have to discuss about the kids and the plumbers invoice.

We are in need of time, in need of time for our hobby,
just a little time, a time for creation
just a little time, a time for new ideas

Only 24 hours a day, I tried to add some,
I need time for the passion in my life
I wanted to give up and become a number in the statistics
but no way, I will still keep trying

We cancel all appointments, sorry for that,
friends that call will understand,
stop googling and leave the dishes,
just get into our workspace and shut the door !

We are in need of time ....