Thursday, September 2, 2010

My creative space

Today I'll be shipping off the work that was done at my workshop a few weeks back. It's about time after 2 weeks. I love how it all came out & can't wait to see what the ladies will do with it all after they receive it.

Do you remember I did some experiments with dipping thread into porcelain and twisting it around paper beads? Here are the results from that:The beads didn't come out really well, the thread is broken on the spot where I placed it on the kiln shelf. But they are quite sturdy I must say which is a complete surprise to me. I'll place 'em on some silversand next time so that they don't touch the shelves and hope that will make 'em whole.I also did a few beads with solid clay around the paperbead and then added a texture to them. They came out really sturdy and are light as a feather.
In the left hand corner you see the left over of a bead where I twisted thread around and then dipped it into porcelain slib.
Want to show your creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo to play! It's fun! :)