Saturday, October 23, 2010


feeling courage by ArtMind

Hello sweet readers,

First of all, I'd like to thank you so much for your heartwarming and kinds words on my last post. It made me realize that even though you're far, you're still close.
Since I didn't know any exact results, I did not want to go into details yet.

Last monday, my mom had to take a test in hospital. We didn't expect any too bad news as the bloodsamples that were taken a few weeks ago were perfecly ok. Apparently that's no garantuee for good news...

At the end of the day, the doctor came into the room to discuss the results with us and it didn't look good. They discovered a tumor and could not say any more as more tests were needed. So they ran more tests on Tuesday and Wednesday and we could come in for a consultation with the doctor yesterday.
I can't express how heavy my heart has been the last few days and the waiting was unbearable so it was a relieve to finally know the diagnosis.

My mom has been diagnosed with colon cancer and the tumor found is malignant. They also found tiny metastases on her lungs.
Our world seemed to fall apart.
Sadness, anger, fear, unbelieve, hurt, pain,... it all came together all at once.

But you know what? My mom is a fighter.
She has always been and even though we're all extremely sad that this is happening to her, she's not the person to go sit in the corner and let it all happen.
She'll fight it with all that she has and we'll be there to support and be there for her.
However, it will take time to accept the news and I hope that she'll find the courage to keep going.
She'll start chemotherapy on the 3rd of November.

I won't be back to blogging for a while. I need time too.
Time to deal with this, time to be with my family and time to take day for day...
I'm sure you'll understand.
Thank you for being out there, wherever you are...