Friday, January 14, 2011

Textured love

Today was probably the worst day of light for taking pictures so I'm sure I'll have to re-take this session sometime but I couldn't wait any longer to add this new heart-ART to the shop.
After all, it's nearly valentine's day.
So here are 9 textured and framed hearts.
They do take a bit after the feelings but it really weren't supposed to be 'feeling'-hearts. But of course they can be if you like 'em to be.
I showed some before when they were bisque fired but I love 'em even more porcelain fired. It gives 'em this beautiful, delicate shine...
And of course I was most excited about playing around with packaging. I love the gingham fabric and for the occasion, I thought a red happy girl would do magic...
You can find 'em in my heart-ART section in my shop.
Happy weekend everyone! :)