Sunday, January 23, 2011

Workshop results

I had the first workshop in my studio yesterday. I had people come to a workshop before but then I always knew a few of them. So, I was a bit nervous to do a workshop with people I didn't meet before. You never really know what they expect but I did plan to give 'em an awesome day and I think they had...

Apart from nearly burning lunch (grilling + chatting = disaster), all went well and we had a great time. I loved seeing a creative bunch come up with ideas and trying out things that I hadn't even thought off.
I don't show much of any examples when we start as I don't want to impose ideas into anyones head. So I basicly tell people what they can do and let 'em find out the posibilities and limitations of the material themselves. I think that gives fab results and it's great to see that all styles are so different. It's a bit like getting a blank canvas and having to paint onto it: scary in the beginning but once you start, you can't stop...

Some people worked very organic and combined beautiful bold shapes with delicate textures.Others tried painting with pigments and I found that very inspiring as I never tried it myself before.
And another person had a very minimalistic approach and brought and tried lots of textures and stamps. My eyes got bigger everytime she pulled out her little suitcase to bring out another amazing texture - so much fun!This all will look even more beautiful after firing and I can't wait to see the results!