Friday, January 21, 2011


Quite a while back, I entered a give-away on Ingthings, a beautiful blog full of handmade and vintage goodies. Ingrid happens to be a very generous lady and always puts a smile on my face with her cheeky writing style and amazing pictures.
The blog is written in Dutch which might be a bit tricky for English readers but the pictures really tell a 1000 words. There is however a google translate button on her blog too...
Want to see what she send me?
A book about embroidery which I am thrilled about as that's one of the techniques I really want/need to learn sometime.
I love these pincushions - so vibrant and such lovely embroidery on them.
Very clear pictures on how to do it, so the garantuee for succes is a bit higher in my case...
And then she chucked in a whole lot of vintage buttons, thread and ribbons.
It was a very joyful day when I opened the package!
Thank you Ingrid for this lovely gift and for being inspiring and making me smile.

I nominated Ingrid's blog for the Handmade Olympics on RikRak studio's blog. In the category 'your favourite nicey/nicies forwarding kindness thru handmaking'
I'll let you know when the voting starts so that you can go and support this amazing lady!