Thursday, March 17, 2011

We think out loud

How happy I am to show you the work of an artist I admire so much! It's sweet Belinda from GretchenMist. She has an Etsy shop and through her blog I follow what she's up to and it's always fresh and fun.
As a person that's afraid of the paint brush and blank canvasses, I so admire her use of color and shapes. Somehow, Belinda always manages to balance it out so beautifully that it always feels light and airy.

So I really want to show you the prints I won from Belinda's give-away! I was totally surprised and happy as I have been an admirer of her work for ages.
I could pick any print I liked - oh joy - I chose 'we think out loud' because I think it's an important reminder to communicate and exchange thoughts.Belinda was so kind to send me an extra print which is called 'we get together and dream'
Aren't they both beautiful?
Soon we'll be re-doing one of our rooms in the house and they will certainly get a beautiful spot there.

Thanks so much, Belinda! I'm so happy to get inspired by your work! :)