Wednesday, January 18, 2012

De la sensation

Anastasia from l'Accent Nou send me a link yesterday saying that she felt a resemblance between this work and mine. For a moment I was afraid to click on the link as I wasn't ready to see another set of babushka feelings...

image by Emmanuelle Brisson

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these beautiful photograph's from Emanuelle Brisson in the series 'de la sensation'. And I must agree, they express immense feelings too - very strong and delicate at the same time.

image by Emmanuelle Brisson

I also love the series of 'can't get it out of my head'.
I strongly recommend you to check out her work, hop over to her site or to Flickr where she hangs out too. :)
Thank you, Anastasia to send me the link to this great artist!!