Saturday, January 21, 2012

The making of... comfort

The making of the feeling comfort is quite an ordeal. First I roll out a thin slab of clay and add squares to it. Then I roughen the feeling and put clay slib on it. I wrap a piece of the squared slab around the feeling and try to fit it nicely by cutting away parts. It's tricky to connect the parts together. It looks quite messy and it is in a way. Then I cut away the excessive clay on the bottom. I go over he 'blanket' with my clay rib to get rid of the mess I made while attaching the slab. That does make the lines go away but I go over 'em again with my knife. And then comes the most fun part: applying the 'stitches'. I love doing that.
I think I might crawl underneath my blanket now!
Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)