Monday, March 12, 2012

Seeing UFO's

I went supply shopping the other day and I couldn't resist buying more cotton yarn. And of course, I didn't know what colors I still had at home so I just picked some out randomly. When I got back home, I wanted to put my yarn away and saw that I still had SO many. Haha, I feel like a yarn hoarder now.
But it made me so happy to see all the colors and I came across an UFO (unfinished object) that I thought would be a good one to finish now.I started making these granny squares in November 2009 and somewhere along the way, I must have gotten bored of it and put it aside. All with untucked ends - yikes!But now I nearly finished tucking in all the ends and need to crochet a few more squares before I can finish the blanket. I can't wait to get back to my crochet hook and hopefully it will be finished by August so it can be a pretty heirloom for our baby.