Thursday, March 29, 2012


About a month ago I was invited by Conlibrio, a group of consultants, to participate in a story telling event for their customers. I was very hesistant at first because I don't feel confident enough to speak in front of large groups. But they said it would only be small groups and well I gathered it would be a bit like telling my story on a fair so I agreed. I packed up all my 99 feelings and drove to Antwerp. The setting was really pretty and thank goodness I had enough room to spread out my body of work.
It was a lovely experience and all the participants were really interested and taken by my '99 feelings' project. For me, it was also the first time that I told more about the reason how they came to life and that felt really liberating. I will share this with you too but you need to wait just a tad bit longer...

Image: Jonas Lampens