Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The troops have arrived in our home for some small renovations. We have this really cool 'hole' in our kitchen. In French it's called a 'vide' and it connects the kitchen with my former studio/ shipping room. To get to the 'vide', you have to climb a ladder and our cat loves it as she uses it as a scratching pole. So cute too to see her go up and down the ladder.
Since our family is going to expand, we need to close the 'vide' to make it child safe. Besides that, my former studio/shipping room will become the nursery now so it's time to say goodbye to the 'hole'. We loved the 'vide' for all the years that we lived in this house, it made it fun and different and we're all a bit sad it has to go. Especially our cat of course, she needs to find another place to scratch her paws Hope it won't be our couch or curtains.
But, we'll be getting an extra room plus a baby to fill it so I'm sure we'll easily forget the vide once he or she is here...