Wednesday, May 29, 2013


What a weird title for a blogpost hey? It's a coupon code that's available in my Etsy shop. While making the new line, there was some testing involved of course. And not all went right.
When I fired the pieces, I placed the plates on top of the bowls. The temperature I fire the transfers is not that high that I would think the glaze would be affected. Unfortunately it has and so I have some bowls and cups with minor errors on top of the rim or on the bottom of the plates or saucers.

The errors are nearly not visible so we decided to offer these pieces on a discounted price. If you have been eyeing the new work you can now get your piece at 50% discount. I tried photographing the errors but they are so tiny that it's nearly impossible...

Anyway, below you can see the images of 2 pieces only but on all the bowls, plates, cups, saucers, the errors are that minor. The errors are right below the text. Put on your glasses 'cause they are very hard to see. ;)

If you want to adopt a piece with an error on them, please go to my Etsy shop, purchase the piece that you want and add MINORERROR as a coupon code and it will give you a discount of 50%. 
I will update the pieces that are available here so come and check here what's still available... These are the pieces that have errors on them:
  • Seadragon bowl
  • Seadragon plate
  • Coral bowl (SOLD)
  • Coral plate (SOLD)
  • Coral cup
  • Coral saucer
  • Bird bowl
  • Bird plate
  • Bird cup
  • Whale bowl
  • Whale plate
  • Whale cup
If you purchase pieces with a discount and they are not available anymore, I will cancel the sale.
And obviously, the coupon code is only available on the Sea Level line.