Thursday, June 13, 2013

Glazing earstuds & new designs

The other day I glazed some earstuds. Normally I apply the decals onto unglazed ware but with digital decals it is much harder to apply them to unglazed ware. So I had the joy of glazing fiddly tiny discs for earstuds.
When Anna made the new designs for the Sea Level line, there is always room left for a few teeny tiny designs for earrings. Below you can see a sample of some of the new designs. Yes, some, there are more then these but I didn't feel like cutting all of them out just to get a sample. :)
These new earstuds will be first available at the ceramic market in Maaseik on the 30th of June

In the mean time, there are still some pieces left of the MINORERROR work if you like to get a good deal. :)