Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feeling postcards

When I was working on the 99-feeling project, I often got asked if I would print any of the pictures onto postcards. I love snail mail and I do think that feeling postcards would be a fun card to send someone. As I won't be able to invest in all 99 feelings at once, I have decided to start off with 6 cards. It was hard to choose which ones though but I think with these 6, one can cover a lot of occasions... What do you think? Is there any missing that you think: 'I would want to send that particular feeling?' :)
I can still change my mind as I only just now sent out some price inquieries for printing. :) Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
Can't tell yet when they will be available but if you subscribe to my newsletter or blog, you'll find out first! :)