Monday, September 14, 2009

Hoera, hip handwerk!

Yesterday it was open monuments day in Belgium. This means that lots of museums an monuments are open to the public. The city I live in has a fashion museum and runs great exhibitions. The exhibition this time is called 'in her shoes' and the amount of shoes they host can compete with Imelda Marcos' collection I think.

In the main hall of the museum Kristien & Kim organised this cozy fair called 'Hoera, Hip Handwerk' (Hurry, Hip Handmade).
For people who came to visit the museum, it was a nice surprise to see all the colorful creations in the main hall & enjoy the lovely atmosphere. What a beautiful location to have a fair.
Since the hall couldn't host many stands, there were not so many participants.
Want to walk around the fair with me? (I forgot to take a few business cards of some participants so I'll add links to their websites later on)
handmade fluffy accesoiries and other wonderland goodies
busy making new creations...

Soft and squishy plusies either crocheted, knitted or sewn
Warda Mariën - Taylormade jewelry
Beautiful unique creations with fantastic handmade glass beads.
DinaFragola aka Nathalie Laurent would LOVE her work as it involved handblown cat beads.
Did you know that Dina still needs more votes for the Croc contest?
Just one mouseclick - so easy & you would make her very happy! Thank you!
Lovely paintings & prints
Amazing colorful kids creations
Titi + the German Kid & Polly Rocket
these two girls organised this event
Titi + the German Kid has designed her own collection of clothes and accesoiries Polly Rocket has cute & colorful crocheted creations

Gorgeous leather handbag creations
Fun bags of retro fabrics

Mr Lapin est un vraiment copin.
Il aime son chien Luchien et les oiseaux dans le jardin.
Something strange & The button Brigade
Amazing retro dresses, super felt and crocheted goodies & amazing leather handbags.
The button brigade
Angela makes absolutely wonderful kids clothing & accesoiries
handmade jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and birthstone charmsArtMind
Ceramics & greeting cards
Here are some of the new products you can expect in my shop soon...Hope you enjoyed your visit to the fair! :)

I was too tired to draw a winner of my give-away yesterday evening but I did it first thing in the morning... Congrats Evelyn of Sumikoshop! I'll be sending out the gift tags soon! :)