Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The secret project... work in progress

For a long time, I have been wanting to incorporate the braille alphabet into my ceramics. When I have an idea, I always try to think of a title for the project as then I can refer to it more easily in my head. Besides, I like it when a work has a title but that's another discussion...
This project was going to be called 'With your hands you see more...' although I like the sound of that better in my native tongue Dutch: 'Met je handen zie je meer...'
Anyway, when my secret collaborative partner and I were exchanging ideas, I threw this in although it's slightly off the track of what we had been thinking. But as good partners, we certainly found a way to incorporate it into the new line. This still might not be enough for you to see who this partner is, but stay focused as soon we'll be showing more...I think this is the most favorite thing I have been working on lately & they will look even better when my secret collaborative partner will add something to these...
Will need to buy one for myself that's for sure... might have to make 'don't touch me' though! :)

To know the idea behind the secret project, go read the first blogpost here. Can't wait to receive your guesses but think about it carefully 'cause you can only guess once! :)