Thursday, November 5, 2009

My creative space

Last week I fired some buttons for my friend Ira Grant. She wanted BIG buttons to use on her bags. I posted a picture on Flickr and from the comments it seemed that lots of people liked them and told me to list some in my shop.
I don't have any spare big big buttons left as I sent them all to Ira but I have some smaller ones that I'm preparing to list soon. I have been hesitant to list them in my shop though as it seems like I've got so much different stuff in there. But I like making the buttons so I'll list them to see how they go. I hope it will not make my shop look too cluttered!
Someone suggested to me to split up my shops in Artmind, Artmind Jewellery and Artmind Supplies but I thought that was the silliest idea ever! Thank you cheeky one! :)
I'll also be making some more buttons today with porcelain clay and I'll be experimenting with textures as well. It's grey and rainy and the perfect day to spent inside with a hot cup of herbal tea!

Want to show your creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo's to play! It's fun! :)