Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sewing: my first garment

Apart from sewing the drawstring bags for my baking pearls, I never did any previous sewing. I only recently bought my sewing machine and the lady in the shop where I bought it told me to practise sewing on paper.
But being me, I just dive into it and decided to make a garment.
A bit ambitious perhaps? Well, so be it!
Anyway, I got me a pattern and decided to give it a go. It took me an entire afternoon and evening to finish it but I did it. It is not perfect at all but I'm so proud that I finished it. This is the pattern that I chose to make:I should have taken an easier pattern to start off with but little did I know. And when fitting it on while making it, I felt choked by the high cut of the dress so I made adjustments to suit my taste. I made a lower cut and decided to adjust a bit of the sleeves too. Of course that takes away all of the charm of the '60's dress but do I care? Nope! It's too freakin' hot for sleeves anyway! :)
And I'm not a model, so posing is really hard for me... but I tried and felt most confident doing it headless! LOL Thank you too for all the opinions on what I should make out of the fabric I showed a while ago. Since I made a dress, I'll be making a skirt soon - I think I like sewing even though it is taking me forever and I still have to learn loads! :)