Monday, August 9, 2010

Theater op de markt

The past four days, there was an international open air festival going on in the city I live in. 48 groups played 279 acts/plays over 4 days on 27 different locations. The whole city just turns into a big and beautiful theather which is open for everyone. There are very intimate streetacts, impressive acrobatic shows, touching theather, big productions and lots of fireworks at the end of each day. It was already the 14th edition of this open air festival and I used to go there and manage to see most of it but I've become less greedy and now carefully choose the plays/acts that I really want to see.

Whenever 'de stijle want' is present, I'm the first one in line to see 'em. I don't have any pictures to show here but I did want to mention 'em in case they are coming to a city near you. They provide you a very short but intense experience and you usually go in on one side of a tent and one minute (or few seconds) later come out on the other side with a big smile on your face. I can't reveal any of the stuff they do as that would break the magic of the moment. Just remember to go and see them when you have a chance! ;)

The following pictures are all from the same play. I loved it so I took many.
compagnie mine de rien - enfin tranquile

It's been a good few days laughing and enjoying it all...