Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guestpost: Guest Bedroom Design Inspiration

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By Greg from StylishHome

Interior design inspiration can come from almost anywhere—a photo, a story, a movie or a design catalog. Today we’re going to use Vincent van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles (Amsterdam)” for inspiration and our decorating starting point. We chose it because we really like the colors, simple lines, and the era portrayed by it. We thought it would be great if we could replicate some of the feeling in the painting in our guest bedroom.

Since Vincent van Gogh (born 1853, died 1890) painted during a time when most things were still handmade, we thought it would be interesting to furnish our bedroom with as many handmade items as possible.

Before we started looking for just anything handmade, we used the color palette maker at StylishHome to create a nice design palette based on the painting’s colors. We’ll use it for reference as we look for furnishings. You can see Vincent van Gogh was a master with the RYB color wheel!

To start furnishing our guest bedroom, we found a beautiful handmade nightstand ($400) made from reclaimed barn wood. It feels as though it could have been used by van Gogh himself. It was made by an artisan on Etsy.

Even a simple guest bedroom needs a mirror and we found these two ($85) from an Etsy seller. We also found several other nice handmade wall mirrors here from Etsy artisans.

The deep red hues and weathering on the mirror frames are fantastic.

Of course we want our guests to sleep comfortably and we found a really unique set of handmade headboards ($725) made from upcycled shutters. This will get your guests’ attention.

No guest room is complete without a coat rack ($24). Made from reclaimed barn wood from the 1880s it adds real character.

We think guests would appreciate a nice area rug to keep their feet warm and make the room quieter. We liked this beautiful hand-woven rug made from upcycled cloth. We found a number of other blue handmade indoor rugs from Etsy artisans in various sizes which would also look great.

What about the pictures on the wall? Well, we’re thinking of framing a print of the Van Gogh that provided our inspiration. It’s a portrait of Van Gogh’s own bedroom where he hung his own work on the walls. It would make a terrific conversation starter, “You’ll be staying in our Van Gogh room.”